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Apprentice at Common Ground
Kathryn Rutti was an EA 2-month intern in 2012
and has started a 3-year apprenticeship at the Common Ground Garden

Kathryn in the Garden

Louis and Don mentor as Lucy and Jack construct a compost pile

As it happens, the two 2-month interns who are building the compost pile today—Lucy and Jack—are both in the same position as Louis, able to influence an institutional garden. Lucy is a junior at University of the Pacific in Stockton and vice-president of the organic garden on campus. She hopes to introduce new practices, such as using materials from on-campus to compost, e.g. branches and greens from grounds' crews, and food waste from the cafeteria. This past year, the garden was an all-volunteer operation, but next year students can get school credit for their participation. She and another intern will teach, and a professor will oversee them.


Jack Murphy also has a unique opportunity at the 3-acre Davidson College Farm, in North Carolina, to apply the GB method. Jack has long been interested in sustainable systems and did research on GROW BIOINTENSIVE before college. He chose Davidson because he could work at the garden there. Davidson has a good science and soil science program, and an environmental studies program, and hopefully they will be able to use the garden as a laboratory. The garden doesn't have a lot of land, and Jack says the soil is not good as yet. Interestingly, the garden is designed to provide food for the cafeteria and is also supposed to break even. For this reason, Jack has an incentive to increase the fertility and the productivity of his garden


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