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Certification in GB Makes a Difference
By Matt Drewno, Green Belt Mini-Farm Manager

Image: Participants in a GB certification workshop in Latin America

Becoming a certified teacher in GROW BIOINTENSIVE is an important step because it builds strength in the international movement of Biointensive farmers. It allows GB-trained staff to go to other states and nations and teach sustainable food and soil production. And it pushes those who are teachers and communicators to be more effective at what they do.


Where I grew up, a farmer who loses 5 tons of soil per year per acre is considered to be doing a pretty good job at farming. So there is a lot of work to be done to transform the paradigm of what sustainable agriculture is, what farming is, and how we can move forward as a society before our soil base is desertified. If we lose that soil base, we lose our ability to grow our food and our ability to live peacefully. Therefore, as teachers of GROW BIOINTENSIVE we are taking that challenge head-on. In working with the people who want to be a part of this transition towards a more equitable and sustainable future, we can accelerate the changes that need to happen. Teacher Certification is an important part of maintaining the integrity, awareness, and evolution of Biointensive agriculture.

For more information on how to become certified in GB, click here.

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