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Appreciation from Cameroon
By Newsletter Staff


Christ International Giving Foundation (CIGIF) is a humanitarian non-profit NGO. CIGIF seeks to liberate the poor, widows, widowers, orphans, the physically challenged and those who are disadvantaged. They provide basic needs such as scholarships, education, health care, food, good pipe-borne water and other forms of support to help individuals feel a part of their communities. Below is a letter to Ecology Action from CIGIF's president.

Our organization was one of those that were fortunate enough to attend both Biointensive workshops organized by the Education for Sustainable Development and Rural Foundation (ESARDEF), financially supported, with educational materials, by Ecology Action held in Cameroon June 2018. We are so pleased we had this opportunity to build a greater understanding of Biointensive farming and food production. It is our hope such an opportunity will be made available to us again, to better strengthen our services to Cameroon communities where we work. ESARDEF has already set up a Biointensive demonstration farm, training approximately 30 small farmers. We want to express our appreciation for your helping hand in getting us started in GROW BIOINTENSIVE farming. We will remain ever grateful and hope to organize our own demonstration farm as soon as we are able.

Manyi Ayuk Mbeng
President, CIGIF

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