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Thank You, For Being You
by Matt Drewno, VGFP Mini-Farm Manager

Giant sunflower at VGFP image credit Matt DrewnoI would like to take a moment to direct our collective attention towards one of our most important resources, and perhaps one of our greatest hopes. You. Congratulations! While things around the world shift towards increasing instability, and despite all odds, you are still here and bringing light! There is so much going on beyond our immediate purview, it’s quite easy to wake up and feel immobilized and that there is nothing we can do to turn this ship around. We all see it coming, that giant catastrophe down the road, and we appear to be accelerating towards it. How do we stop in time? How do we correct the course?

Maybe we just have to get off this disaster train and start doing what is right for us. There is an interesting thing that happens when we make this decision. It may seem selfish to think about doing things for ourselves when there is so much work to be done, but it can be the most important decision we make. And it can be the best thing we do for the world around us. I encourage you to grow a garden. Do it for yourself. Do it because you need to relax and direct your attention towards something enriching and engaging. Do it because you love flowers, you love food, you love all the life it brings. Do it because it awakens you to the mystery of growth. Do it because you want to learn how to grow food sustainably. Do it because it makes you happy!

The garden can be a place that we retreat to for our own well-being. It can help us relieve stress in our lives and connect with the greater web of nature. It can teach us how to work with nature, revealing the great and profound reciprocity of nurturing that which nurtures us. The garden is more than something we do for recreation or as a hobby- it is an unfolding world of constant imagination, creativity and learning. It’s a place of inspiration. It’s a place where our mistakes are forgiven. It’s a place of sustenance and happiness. It can be a place of awakening, stoking that fierce green fire that quietly burns within. It’s a wholesome place, where we participate in life, with nature and work to better ourselves, our family, our neighbors and our planet. In this moment, what could be more vital, important and appropriate than growing a garden? What could be more revolutionary, engaging, enriching and good for the Earth?

People contact us frequently, looking for answers on how to grow food without depleting the soil and how to conserve water, increase yields sustainably or grow a complete diet. These are very important questions and we dedicate ourselves to providing those answers. But for me the best part of working for Ecology Action is helping people realize that they themselves are the solution they have been looking for, that the best answers are within and learned through direct experience- that it’s just a matter of starting down the garden path and experiencing the journey that awaits us. I wish to honor you, and all that you care about and do. You are so important to the future of our planet. If you haven’t started a garden yet, and would like to start on this never-ending, life-affirming, aromatic and delicious journey, contact us. We have many free resources, workshops and courses which can help you start wherever you are at, whatever your goal may be. If you know someone whose life would improve through working with life in the garden, encourage them! We are here for you because we know that the world would be less without you, and that with you, we can work together to help one another grow strong. We know that the garden is so much more than a place to grow food. And we know that the most fun way to create a better future is together.

See you in the garden!

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