Man of the Trees: Selected Writings of Richard St. Barbe Baker
Hardcover – 1989
by Richard S. Baker (Author), Karen Gridley (Editor)

Ecology Action's book was published with St.Barbe's permission, and contains many of St. Barbe's best writings in it.

We thank Thee God! for thy Trees,
Thou contest very near to us through thy Trees.
From them we have beauty, wisdom, love,
The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the strength.
Help us, Oh God!
to give our best to life
and leave the world
a little more beautiful
and worthy of having lived in it.
Prosper thou our planting
and establish thy kingdom of love and understanding
on the Earth.
Richard St. Barbe Baker On train to Betul, India. 1.12.77

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Man of the Trees Book Cover