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Renee and Eric from the headquarters site are planning to visit our partners in Senegal! They need your help to crowdfund travel expenses, and the tools and books they're taking to Oasis GROW BIOINTENSIVE.

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Ndeye Fatou
Lamine Diawara

Husband and wife team Ndeye Fatou (Above Left) and Lamine Diawara (Above Right) of Senegal are the founders of Oasis GROW BIOINTENSIVE, a nonprofit dedicated to sustainable agriculture education in West Africa. Fatou and Lamine are pictured above during their internships at Ecology Action in Willits, CA

OGB Training Session

One of the first training sessions at Oasis GROW BIOINTENSIVE, Lamine and Fatou's nonprofit in Senegal

Fatou in the field

Fatou tending the new plants at OGB's demonstration garden, which are doing well despite drought conditions.

Renee in the orchard
Renee in the orchard at Ecology Action in Willits, CA
Eric in the demonstration garden at Ecology Action in Willits, CA
Eric and Renee in the garden, planting seedlings
Eric and Renee
Renee and Eric in the demonstration garden at Ecology Action, planting seedlings.





Young farmers from local non-profit to travel to Senegal to deliver tools, supplies and training

WILLITS, CA - January 16, 2014 - Renee Bussenger and Eric Buteyn are staff members at Ecology Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing sustainable agriculture education, based in Willits, CA since 1972. They are seeking funding to travel to Senegal to provide tools, books and training support for a new non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainable agriculture in West Africa. 

The new organization, Oasis GROW BIOINTENSIVE (OGB) is based in Senegal and was founded by Lamine Diawara and his wife Ndeye Fatou, both recent alumni of Ecology Action’s international internship program.  Lamine and Fatou are using the education they received from Ecology Action and their extensive network in West Africa to share valuable sustainable farming practices throughout the region. Their goal is to reduce hunger in West Africa by training as many people as possible to grow more of their own food in a truly sustainable way.

In many parts of West Africa, it is difficult to grow food due to high temperatures and low rainfall. Small scale sustainable agriculture can significantly increase food sovereignty in in the region, where currently over 90% of food is imported (and thus expensive). The highly efficient, soil-building GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable mini-farming system developed over the last 43 years by Ecology Action helps farmers responsibly use and conserve the precious rainfall that comes to the area, while improving yields.

Renee and Eric – trained Biointensive farmers – hope to raise funds to cover the cost of a support visit to OGB this spring, as well as the cost of important tools and educational materials to give to the organization. The training support and supplies will greatly increase OGB’s ability to reach and teach those who need it most: the hungry and poor of West Africa. 

More information can be found, and tax-deductible donations for this project can be made through the following website:

Alternatively checks can be sent to Ecology Action... with "Senegal" in the memo line.

ABOUT ECOLOGY ACTION: Aware of intensifying world challenges and the basic need of people to feed themselves, we have been working for over 40 years to develop an elegant, small-scale agricultural system — GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming — that when practiced correctly, nurtures healthy soil fertility, produces high yields, conserves resources and can be used successfully by almost everyone. Our goal is to help this system be known and used locally...on a worldwide basis. Please visit us at

For further information, contact:
Eric Buteyn, Farm Manager, Ecology Action, Willits, CA

Images for use with this press release can be found at

To help Eric and Renee get to Senegal with tools and supplies to help Lamine and Fatou at Oasis GROW BIOINTENSIVE, you can donate online at:

Or you can send a check made out to Ecology Action with "Senegal" in the memo line to:

Ecology Action
5798 Ridgewood Road
Willits, CA 95490

Thank you so much for your help! Together, we make all the difference in the world!

For further information, please contact:
Eric Buteyn, Farm Manager, Ecology Action, Willits, CA

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