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Biointensive Team Corner
By Ecology Action Staff

Common Ground Garden
Common Ground Garden.
PHOTO CREDIT: Common Ground

In this issue we introduce a new regular feature entitled Biointensive Team Corner. Here you will read short reports from local and international GB partners.

Funding for Program at Common Ground Garden!

Good news! The grant committee at the Terman Middle School in Palo Alto approved the startup grant we submitted for approximately $3068. About $1300 will be used to buy more tools for classes (something needed desperately!), and the rest will go into programming costs. We currently have over 100 students in and around the garden each week. The middle school students learn about the eight principles of the GB method in various science lessons that coordinate with school standards, so this grant money will cover the current middle school edible education programs for the 2016–2017 year.

Mia Sasaki, Program Manager
Common Ground Garden


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