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Ecology Action has four primary research and demonstration sites in California:

  • Ecology Action Headquarters is located at The Jeavons Center for Biointensive Research and Education, which is also the site of the Jeavons Center Mini-Farm
    Willits, California

    Empowering People Globally to Build Food Security through:

    • Research/Demonstration Garden
    • Educational Tours
    • Workshops
    • Internships
    • Apprenticeships
    • Teacher Certification Program
    • Publications
    • Global Outreach

  • The Golden Rule Mini-Farm
    Willits, CA
    A collaboration project between Ecology Action and the Christ's Church of the Golden Rule Community.

  • Common Ground Garden in Palo Alto
    Palo Alto, California
    • Education Center
    • Information for More Effective Family Gardening

  • Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm and Seed Bank
    Mendocino, California
    A collaboration project between Ecology Action and the Stanford Inn by the Sea Eco-Resort.
    The Victory Gardens for Peace Seed Bank is also part of the Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm initiative.

Ecology Action also has an online store, Bountiful Gardens
Willits, California

Providing Keys for Successful Farming and Gardening with:

  • Catalog and Online Sales
  • Open-Pollinated and Heirloom Seeds
  • Sustainable Soil Fertility
  • Garden Tools
  • Ecology Action Publications
  • Other Garden-Related Publications


Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninsula has been a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 1971.

©2006 Ecology Action.

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