Field of FlowersOur mission is to train people worldwide to better feed themselves while conserving resources.

What do we do?

Since 1972 we and our colleagues have been researching and developing GROW BIOINTENSIVE®, a high-yielding, sustainable agricultural system that emphasizes local food production and is based historically on intensive gardening systems.

How do we spread the system?

Education and training are the keys. Publications based on our research are disseminated globally. We give trainings in the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method all the way from the basic level up to the training of trainers. Our publications and trainings have inspired demonstration and teaching projects in Mexico, Kenya, Argentina, Ecuador, Russia and Uzbekistan, with other trainers in place in the U.S. and around the world. As a result, millions of people have learned new techniques and have been taught to grow a nourishing diet for themselves while protecting the Earth’s fragile resources.

How do we influence the world as a small organization?

We equip individuals and organizations with the information, skills and inspiration that enable them to take the next step. We remain the core of this expanding global network, finding ways to make crops grow well in non-optimal soil and climatic conditions at our Research Mini-Farm/Garden, providing technical expertise, acting as an information bank, maintaining quality assurance of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE system, and catalyzing new projects as opportunities arise.