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GB in Italy: Milan Expo 2015
By Ecology Action Staff

Urbelinda, Marisol, Agustín, Claudia, Pedro, Julio César, and Juan Manuel,
GB instructors at the Milan Expo 2015

Sustainability was a central pillar of the Expo with the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". GROW BIOINTENSIVE instructors Pedro Almaguero and Julio César Garza from Spain, Urbelinda Ferrufino from Bolivia, Claudia Flisfisch from Chile, along with Juan Manuel Martinez, Marisol Tenorio, and Agustín Medina from Mexico, presented the GB method to 50 participants from Italy, Uganda, Mozambique, Togo and Slovenia.

Planning for the event began in 2013 as Biointensive beds were developed during previous GB workshops. Gabriele Rinaldi, Direttore Orto Botanico di Bergamo, Lorenzo Rota from Bergamo, Italy's Horticultural Center, and Juan Manuel worked together creating the GB presentation garden in anticipation of the estimated 5,000 visitors each month who visited during the six-month Expo.

At the end of the October 2-4, 2015, workshop, a special homage was held to honor Iván Moretti. Iván was instrumental in promoting the idea of hosting a GB presentation garden at the Expo. Agustín and his wife Marisol gave Iván's family a posthumous certificate recognizing him as a Basic-Level Certified teacher. It was an important and touching tribute to an influential man, as becoming a Basic-Level Certified teacher had been a long-held dream of Iván's.

There are plans for the future of GB in Italy. Juan and Agustín are planning a 5-Day Teacher Workshop in 2017, and the translation of How to Grow More Vegetables (HTGMV) into Italian is underway. In addition, the Complutense University in Madrid has a proposed project that will create demonstration gardens at at least five campuses in Spain.

The gathering and interaction of Biointensivists from different regions of the world proved to be beneficial and rewarding to many participants.

To learn more about Milan Expo 2015, visit their online magazine, ExpoNet. Here you can explore food-related themes via six sections:

Lifestyle focuses on how food impacts our everyday lives, influencing our daily routine, our way of thinking, our choices, and even, we might say, our future.
Culture investigates the influence of food in the artistic and cultural heritages of various peoples, and how these inform our contemporary eating customs and practices.
Sustainability explores how our eating habits impact the planet. Innovation examines the footprint that food leaves on technology and science.
Economy offers an overview of how food influences our economic structure, and how it affects markets, trades, and professions.
Taste takes a closer look at foods and recipes and includes contributions from chefs.

"Even our minor daily habits are, in some way, intertwined with major global issues: hunger in the world, food waste and injustice, GMOs, land grabbing, food security, and the future of national cuisines."
–Milan Expo website

The USA pavilion, featuring the world’s largest vertical garden

The USA pavilion, featuring the world's largest vertical garden

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