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Garden Companion Newsletter Issue No. 13
41 Years.
143 Countries.
Millions of people educated.
Millions of garden beds created.
Billions of pounds of fertile soil grown.
...and we're just getting started.
Grow Hope. Grow Abundance.
Please donate to keep our work growing at home and around the world!
Common Ground Garden 
While the Common Ground Garden Supply and Education Center closed its doors in 2014, our Common Ground Garden in Palo Alto, CA is still growing strong, offering gardening classes for kids and adults, gardening volunteer opportunities, and more! Visit us online to learn more:
Bountiful Gardens: Seeds, Tools and Books Online
The new 8th edition of John Jeavons' classic Biointensive gardening handbook, How to Grow More Vegetables is available from Ecology Action's online store, Bountiful Gardens, along with organic seeds, quality tools and other books, articles and videos on sustainable living.
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Contributors: Justin Bartolini, Bob Cooper, Jes Pearce, John Jeavons, Joe Huber, Cat Johnson, Juan Manuel Martinez, Patricia Mayagoitia, Matt Anderson, Matt Drewno, Rachel Laase, Olawumi Benedict, Samuel Kangethe, BG staff, and GROW BIOINTENSIVE® friends from around the world.
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