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Garden Companion Newsletter Issue No. 17
47 Years.
152 Countries.
Millions of people educated.
Millions of garden beds created.
Billions of pounds of fertile soil grown.
...and we're just getting started.
Grow Hope. Grow Abundance.
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Garden Companion Staff and Contributors
Editor: Leslie Roberts
Editorial Assistance: Carol Cox
Graphic Design and Editorial Assistance: Shannon Joyner
Contributors:: James Christie-Fougere, Elena Vanasse Torres, John Jeavons, Katherine Cantwell, Matt Drewno, Brooke Eichenlaub, David Milliken, Cynthia Raiser-Jeavons, John Beeby, Jamie Chevalier, Mlesh Mlegwah, Rev. Apida, Ephraim Chirwa, and GROW BIOINTENSIVE® friends from around the world.
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