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Ecology Action's Farmers Course Webinars Online
By Matt Anderson, Videographer

John Jeavons with Video Team: Hak Lonh and Paul Park
John Jeavons with Video Team: Hak Lonh and Paul Park

In January 2014, I visited Ecology Action as part of a small film crew to document the 2-week Farmers Course. Over the course of that time, we captured numerous lectures, getting a complete education from 12 amazing instructors in sustainability. I felt lucky to learn so much and to discover an international group so dedicated to the work of sustainable agriculture.

One year later, we released the first round of these lectures to the world via the Internet. These webinars cover only some of the diverse topics from the 2-week Farmers Course, but address many of the most pressing issues we need to face. These include low-rainfall food-raising, composting, building your own manual tools, and creating a resilient seed bank network in Kenya. I'm excited by the response to the webinars so far and can hardly wait for more to be released! To browse free episodes, please visit and scroll down to the "Bonus Features" section of the Vimeo page.

Our next production will involve going across Latin America, documenting stories that show how rapid and transformative the GROW BIOINTENSIVE® method has become. I really hope that the videos we create will help develop awareness and educate people about biologically intensive food-raising throughout Latin America. I also hope they will connect us here in North America with the larger family we are a part of, and remind us that small-scale, sustainable agriculture is having a large impact around the world.

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