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Booklet 38: Coming in July!
by Matt Drewno, Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm Manager

Author Matt Drewno, working in the garden at Victory Gardens for Peace

VGFP’s Mini-Farm Manager Matt Drewno has finished Booklet 38: A Path to Peace and Sustainability: Growing Soil, Food and Seed in As Little As 1,000 Sq. Ft. and it will be available for purchase as soon as we get it back from the printer on July 15. The printing of this important publication is made possible in honor of Paul Hwoschinsky, who three decades ago helped catalyze the GB Africa Program. Paul said "The most important thing about GB is that it creates Community!” Five years in development, this 76-page booklet with many full-color photos is a beautiful and thoughtful work, and Matt’s writing style makes it a pleasure to read. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we wanted to share this excerpt with you. Enjoy!

UPDATE 7/29/2021: Booklet 38 is now available for purchase in print or electronic format!

Author’s Note

It has been a journey to create this booklet. The journey began with a love for plants, soil and Nature and has evolved into a search for a sustainable way forward for humanity which embodies a whole-system approach to meet a multitude of challenges at once. The destination is still down the road, but we know where we are going and how we can get there.

I am excited to share this solution with you because not only is it an effective way to solve many problems at once, it is beautiful and fun and draws the individual closer to a living universe that we have isolated ourselves from. It is almost as if humanity has gone through adolescence and individuation from our Mother Earth. In the growing pains of our existence, we have caused great suffering and destruction on the planet. And as we mature, we look back at ourselves, our relationships, the paths we have chosen and in this opportunity, we must consider our next step:

Do we continue on as we have, and risk losing everything on this beautiful planet?

...Or, do we navigate these challenging waters with grace, integrity and sensitivity to once again discover the inseparable wholeness that is Nature, that is us?

This is about a journey of the self as much as it is about a solution to the global agricultural crisis. It is about empowering oneself to live in a way that contributes to the world, that brings creativity and harmony into a world teetering on disaster. As you will see, it can be a panacea. It can bring hope. It is more than a metaphorical journey back to the garden. It carries with it the living experience of Nature. And in nurturing that which nurtures us, and striving to give back more than we take and leave the world in a better place, we awaken to a purpose and strength beyond imagination.

I am so glad that you have this in your hands, because I have experienced some of the gifts along the way and I know that there is so much potential in putting our hands back in the soil. Why else do we have these arms and legs? Our destiny is a return to the Earth, a realization of our place, and an activation of the human spirit to save our future. In the garden, we honor the past by carrying forward the traditions of cultivation, we acknowledge the present by being present and we honor the future by sowing the seeds of peace and abundance.

This work is timeless and carries on forever. It is inspiring and delicious. May we grow together, forever!

It is not the gardener that makes the garden. It is the garden that makes the gardener.”
—Alan Chadwick


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