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Book Review:
John Beeby's Test Your Soil With Plants (2nd Ed)
by John Jeavons

Test Your Soil With Plants

Test Your Soil With Plants by John Beeby (Ecology Action, 2013)

John Beeby's updated version of Test Your Soil With Plants includes sufficient additional information to slightly double the size of his original publication, a detailed "how-to" resource on analyzing your soil through plant growth rather than through expensive soil tests. The current edition includes 24 color photographs of typical deficiencies to make identification easier.

John Jeavons, who wrote the book's Foreword, states that it is a key resource for many reasons. First, it is a relatively easy-to-use practical synthesis and up-to-date resource that utilizes experiences from both wild and cultivated plants. In addition, most other relevant publications are out-of-print. Lastly, it is important because it is often challenging for many people globally to afford a soil test to determine which nutrients are needed for their soils.

The new edition of Test Your Soil with Plants is something that everyone can use at no ongoing cost. In the world of the future, gardeners and farmers will need to find local sources of nutrients in forms that nurture their soils. This is becoming more difficult each day in a world of Peak Phosphorus, Peak Potassium and soon many other nutrients. This useful book enables us to determine how much of a nutrient is needed and encourages us to add the lowest amount needed for a healthy soil system.

In short, this is a publication that can greatly benefit people who grow their own food.

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