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Widger: A Bountiful Gardens Exclusive
Tool Review

The Widger, in all its glory
The Widger, in all its glory. Actual size: 7 inches long.
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Biointensive mini-farmers everywhere use and love this elegant little stainless steel tool for pricking out and transplanting tiny seedlings. The original British manufacturer stopped making them in 2004, but Bountiful Gardens has finally found someone who produces them just for BG…slightly modified but just as useful as the original. It’s amazing how much difference a small tool like this can make!


Paul from Kenya: During my internship, we had an opportunity to use a widger, which helped us transplant seedlings. It was very useful. I’m taking some home with me.

Customer review:
This one is best for small seedlings, in my opinion. I made a larger one from a thin-walled metal pipe using a hacksaw and a grinder.

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