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Only 11 cents a day can make a world of difference in creating a sustainable future for millions of people around the world!

If you are interested in learning more about the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method for yourself, visit Ecology Action's International Mail-Order Service, Bountiful Gardens, online at:

and consider getting one of our books on the Biointensive method such as the newly updated 7th edition of

How to Grow More Vegetables

How to Grow More Vegetables

and/or the Biointensive book especially for beginners:

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden

You may also want to explore the following:

John Jeavons

• John Jeavons' website:

Common Ground Garden Supply in Palo Alto

• Common Ground's Website:

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• Take a garden tour or join a workshop at Ecology Action:
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Take a tour or join a workshop!
• Find articles, networking opportunities, GB gardening hints and more at the RenewAll Garden Project website:

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Ecology Action's 40th Anniversary!

...and we're just getting started!
One Earth. Many Gardens. GROW BIOINTENSIVE®.

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Ecology Action is the world’s foremost authority on
Biointensive agriculture

Our revolutionary GROW BIOINTENSIVE method allows farmers in a wide range of climates, cultures and soils to grow an abundance of food while building soil fertility and reducing resource use in a way that no other agricultural method – conventional or organic – has been able to. This approach is based upon successful practices used globally for over 40 centuries.

We’re proud of our progress:

The research garden at our Willits, CA headquarters is one of the oldest long-term sustainable research projects in the world; “How to Grow More Vegetables…” written by our director, John Jeavons, is recognized as the quintessential handbook on sustainable farming and gardening; Through workshops, internships and apprenticeships, we’ve taught the principles of truly sustainable organic agriculture to thousands of people from over 140 countries around the world. And those people have passed their knowledge on to countless others.

2011 is Ecology Action’s 40th Anniversary.

As we approach this milestone, we want to thank all of our members and the people who have donated so generously through the years to make our work possible. Because of you, we have been able to cause a ripple effect of positive action and opportunity across the world, as people learn how to better feed themselves while building soil fertility and sustaining their communities and the planet. We could not have done it without you. We thank you from our hearts, and the planet does, too.

But we still have much work to do. As we progress into this new millennium, we face a new set of challenges:

Global warming, a growing population, the depletion of natural resources and the increasing scarcity of land, water, oil and food are acting to create a "perfect storm" that threatens to change all of our lives. These are extraordinary times, and they call for extraordinary solutions – solutions that GROW BIOINTENSIVE agriculture can provide, given the opportunity.

In contrast to conventional agricultural methods, GROW BIOINTENSIVE can provide an abundant and dignified living to people who would otherwise be marginalized...

...and can do so while building soil fertility, conserving water, reducing land use, reducing farmer expenses, protecting natural resources and combating global warming. Because the challenges we are facing know no borders, it is now more important than ever that we teach these methods where they are most needed. Because every GROW BIOINTENSIVE farm and garden means more food, less pollution, and a more comfortable life for all the citizens of the planet.

So please, consider donating $40 to our 40th Anniversary Fund.

That’s only 11 cents a day, but it will go further than you can imagine, planting the seeds of a better future, and helping us keep our home planet a nice place to live. For all of us.


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