Ecology Action Offers:
8-Month Onsite Internships 2022!

(2-, 4-, and 6-month internships not offered in 2022)

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Courses Offerings:

8-Month Onsite Internship:
Victory Gardens for Peace Mini Farm, Mendocino, CA


IMPORTANT NOTE, READ FIRST: The hosting of onsite internship programs is contingent upon COVID-19 safety regulations. If safety considerations make it necessary to cancel an onsite internship program before it begins, registrants will be provided with a full refund of all fees. If a program is cancelled after it begins, participants will either receive a pro-rated refund based on the work completed, or be provided with online coursework and guidance necessary to complete the internship as a distance-learning program, or the opportunity to transfer to a future program, whichever makes the most sense for the progress of the participants, as determined by the program coordinators.

For all onsite internships the following applies: No scholarships available. Participants from USA only. Time-stamped negative COVID test req’d. Arrive 10 days before classes start to quarantine.


This onsite internship is open to US applicants who meet the prerequisites listed above, and requires that participants live full-time at the program site in Mendocino, CA for the duration of the program; The program includes a combination activities: lecture and demonstrations, study, field work, teaching, and "living the method". This combination is designed is so that participants learn Ecology Action's processes both theoretically and practically, and can understand the processes that are involved in starting this type of work (GROW BIOINTENSIVE farming, low-tech living, teaching the method to others) as well as performing these activities over the long-term.

Applications for this internship are now being accepted.

Cost: $8,850 (US residents)- US$20,950-$22,950 (international participants)

Program Location: Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace Mini Farm, Mendocino CA.
2022 Season:
Application Deadline:
February 5, 2022 (Earlier applications preferred)
Participant Notification
by March 5, 2022
Arrive Onsite No Later Than: Mar 26, 2022 - Program Runs Apr 5 - Nov 29, 2022

Applicants should note that this is an unpaid, fee-based internship program. Program interns will be placed at the Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm near the town of Mendocino, California. Internship fees are non-refundable. A $2,250 deposit is due within one week of acceptance. Partial Scholarships available to those who qualify.

Click here to see a full course description, including schedule, curriculum, reading list, a breakdown of program expenses, and an application link.

This program is in development. If you are interested in applying for this internship, click here to fill out and submit an application.

8-Month Online Internship

Ecology Action also offers an 8-month an Online GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farming Internship (April-November). For full descriptions including cost and application information, click here.

Onsite Course Location:
Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm

Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm, Mendocino, CA

Victory Gardens for Peace (Mendocino, CA)

Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace ( site in the town of Mendocino, California is situated on the grounds of the Stanford Inn-by-the-Sea, an eco-resort nestled on the cliffs overlooking the confluence of the Big River and the Pacific Ocean. Our program is focused on: developing the GROW BIOINTENSIVE model for our coastal, cool, foggy climate, improving the soil and teaching the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method. There are many challenges at the site that create opportunities to demonstrate practical and effective ways of maximizing resources and managing fertility. There is an inherently good soil here but it underwent years of compaction as a horse paddock. We are working to build soil structure and fertility to restore the soil health. We experiment with growing complete diets and different crop varieties to find which are best suited to this unique growing climate. Our internships are unique and offer a great experience in water conservation, soil fertility management and food raising through the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method.